Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Introducing the new Look of

Dear Templateism Users,

As you can already witness, we have unwrapped the new and improved look of early this morning. Now, if you visit the main site, you would notice a new and exclusive design. After seeing the new design, your reaction would probably be WTF! What happen to this place? Everything looks so different. Don’t get confused, we have just rolled out an update to our design.

There were many flaws in our previous design. Now only flaws but a lot of significant information pages were missing including, contact us page and etc. A lot of new users were confused about the fact that how Templateism works, how they can download themes and etc. For that special reason, we have created a short tour guide exclusively for new users. new Design
We have also tried to boost up your browsing experience and performance by incorporating some fascinating but light-weight jQuery plugins. In spite of using more than 10 jQuery plugins the page speed of is way better than the 91% websites present on the internet, and the credits goes to both our skilled engineers and Blogger.

What are your thoughts about this new fascinating improvement? Since, this design is still a newly developed. Therefore, if you face any bugs while browsing, please take a moment to let us know about the bug using our contact us page. We would really appreciate your gesture.

Yours Truly,
The Templateism Team


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  2. According to the Gulf, that is very good new look of Templateism. I really want to congratulate to the Templateism user's the will be appreciate this. well done.


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