Saturday, September 14, 2013

Giveaway: Blogger Template Development for Free

Yesterday, we got 4000 fans registered on Templateism’s Facebook page roughly it has taken about eight months since the official launch of  On this occasion, to thank our die-heart fans and followers we have planned a special treat for all of them. It’s something that every Blogger user dreamed, and that is your personal and very own “Template” that no one else can have.

We will create a High Quality Professional looking and unique blogger template based on your needs worth 600$ for FREE. However, this service would be only provided to a person who will win our following giveaway contest.

Perks of this Giveaway:

The template which we will create would not be released publicly. Which means the winner would only be the owner of that template. Now it depends on him whether he keep it for personal use, or sell it on sites like Themeforest

There will be no credit in the footer of the Template, which means that the winner has the full authority to remove them if he like.

We would provide FREE Blogging consultant to the winner for 1 year. It means, if he/she needs any kind of help regarding blogging, blogger or web development we will provide that service free for 1 year.

How to Participate:

  1. To participate, we have extremely simple criteria. All you need to do:
  2. Take a White paper or of any color you like.
  3. Write down a message for (Why you Love it) depends on your creativity. Remember: Its must to include the word “Templateism” on your Art work. You can create cartoons anything you like.
  4. Take a Picture of yours with your message holding in your hands. (TIP: The better camera you have the more productive results it would give).
  5. Once you have created the artwork, Send it to or share it on our Facebook Page.

How we will choose the Winner?

We will upload your artwork on our Facebook Fan page (, and would allow our fans to vote. He/she would be announced as the winner who will receive most number of likes, shares and positive comments. It would be a fair play for everyone. There will be only 1 winner of this contest

Remember: We have the right to disqualify, if the person is found cheating and doing fake ways of promoting and voting his artwork.

Entries would be accepted till November, 14 2013.

We hope this opportunity would help everyone to get their hands to professional blogger templates. This giveaway is just a beginning we have a lot of real goodies waiting. So what are you waiting for? Join the giveaway today.

Best of luck to everyone.


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