Friday, November 29, 2013

20 Most Famous Logos with Honest Slogans

Logos represent the quality of a brand. It not only shows the dedication of the brand, but at the same time it gives some time to customers to think about its excellence. There are a lot of quality brands with a lot of professional Logos, but only a few have true slogans. Well, a company that speaks truth about their product are here for a long run in this industry. Today, we did a little research and tried our level best to bring some of the honest slogans . A fun project where we will portray what people think about a brand by giving them an honest slogan, Hope you guys will enjoy it. 20 Most Famous Logos with Honest Slogans.

We hope you have enjoyed these funny yet honest slogans about some famous and popular brands. Do let us know what are your thoughts about the honesty of these logos. 

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