Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Install a Google Translate button in Blogger

The world is heterogeneous, comprised of people belonging to different regions who speak different languages. Now when you run a popular site that is visited by users from all across the world, you must make sure that you have a diversity in your operational language as not everyone in the world can understand English. This diversity can easily be achieved by simply translating the context in the required language, which can be done by simply using Google Translate. We also visit hundreds of sites that are not English for example French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish etc and thus, we use the same tool to understand, if not all at least a bit from the context but it helps though.
As per the requirement of this tool, we found a way of adding a Google Translate Button in your blogger that could make it a multi-language site somehow if not precisely.

Adding the Google Translate Button

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is go to “Google Translate Management page”  and make sure that you are already logged in to your google account. If you are, then just click on the big blue button that carries “Add to your website now”.

Step 2: On clicking the big blue button, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll have to add the website details on which you want Google Translate Button to be installed. Enter the URL of your site i.e. is in our case and select the basic language of the site from the drop down menu. When you are done, click next.

Step 3: Now, the page you find yourself next is all about the customization of Google Translate Button. It provides vertical, horizontal and drop-down format of the Translator. Also, it gives an option to select the languages in which you want the content to be translated, thus choosing “All languages” would be optimum but you can specify if you want fewer languages by simply clicking “specific languages”. When done, click on “Get code”.

Step 4: Now you see 2 different codes. The first verifies the very existence of your Translate Button and the second one enables you to do the positioning of the button anywhere you want on your blogger.
Now, follow these steps to get the Button on your site:
  1. Copy the first code and then go to Blogger>>Template>>Edit HTML>> Search for </head>, and paste the code just above it. Once done, save the template and proceed.
  2. Now copy the second code and paste it anywhere on your site to get the Translate Button in your blog. What we prefer is to add it in your sidebar so that no page of your site gets left out of it. Go to Blogger>>Layout>>Add a Gadget>>Add HTML/Javascript and then paste the code in the HTML portion and save the widget.
So, this is it, you must have got your new Google Translate Button on your site, you should also make sure that it is perfectly functional. Why don’t you see your blogger after translating it in some unknown language? Believe me, it looks different. 


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