Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 7 Things to Consider When Designing A Website Template

You should have noticed many times that some big companies often change their websites' designs. Sometimes the change is very small like changing the color of the template, changing logo or anything else and sometimes the change is very big like changing whole layout of website.

Here are top 7 things to consider when designing a website template.

1. Can you create a new template?

This is the much important thing before getting a new template, do you have knowledge of creating a new template? You should not bring your website offline for updating it's design page by page. You should design whole template first and then upload it directly on the website.

2. Prepared for errors?

When you create a new template, occasionally it contains many bugs / error in the code. It is very much similar to programming where if you miss a semi-colon the whole program doesn't work. So be prepared if you face issues like that because you cannot be sure if the template is working or not until you put it on a website.

3. User-friendly design

This is the most important thing to consider, as many users will like the new design but on the other hand, some users might not love the new design and they may prefer the older one over new.

4. Do you really need a new design?

This point must be considered, if your design becomes old fashioned then your site may become untrustworthy and cheap. You can also do this at a time when you post new content on your web as it may sometimes cause a little bugs which can be repaired by a new design.

5. Browsers or device compatibilty

New design can also be made by keeping in mind the compatibility of your website with new browsers and devices. You can test new design on many browsers and devices before uploading it.

6. Responsive design

No one forces you to have a responsive website template but if you feel that it would be great for the sake of your readers then you should go for it. But also keep in mind that creating a responsive template is harder then creating one from scratch.

7. Better navigation

If there is a chance that you can improve the navigation of your website because it will also give a boost to your bounce rates, SEO and it will make people to stay longer on your website then you should give it a go and create a new template.

We hope these tips would turn out to be handy for you, Feel free to comment what you have in your tips bundle. 


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