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How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme - 4 Tips

One of the first things you will notice when you look for a WordPress theme as you create a new blog is that there are literally tens of thousands of options that are available. It is really important that you choose something that is really great for your personal needs. Choosing a great theme is not at all easy to do. You will always have to think about the factors that count. They are going to be presented below.

How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme - 4 Tips

1. Free Versus Paid

For starters, it is vital that you choose out of the free or paid category. The truth is that for most beginners out there the free WordPress themes are going to be all that is actually needed. The modern ones do offer all that is actually necessary in such a condition. However, if you want to run a great online business, it is important to consider the paid themes too. The disadvantage of using the paid themes is that they will cost money. However, this is not a big problem if you have around $100 to initially invest in your business.

The paid themes normally have more available features. They are going to be better and more secure. Also, when choosing a free theme be sure you always focus on one that is modern and that is often updated. This is due to security reasons. You want to have a theme that is as secure as possible.

2. Functionality Over Design

You definitely want your site to look great but that does not mean you want to forget about functionality. People always visit a blog because of the content that is offered. The design is only what draws them in when they first land on a page. You want to be sure you are going to choose a WordPress theme that offers the functionality you are looking for. The design of the theme can always be tweaked in the future.

3. Social Media Sharing Elements

The theme that you create needs to be mobile friendly. Responsive website design is definitely a necessity in the modern business world. In the event you have a site that is not responsive, it is a certainty that content will not be shared online. You want to always have a site design that is easy to share and that will offer all that is necessary in terms of how content will be shared. If the theme makes it easy to share your content online it is one that has to be taken into account.

4. What You Will Use The Theme For

Some WordPress themes work better for some types of sites. We have themes that are great for an ecommerce business while others are perfect for personal blogging. No matter the reason why you blog, it is a certainty that there is a theme that is designed with this in mind. Do you need to show off your portfolio? Make sure that the considered theme makes this easy! Using the theme is what you want to do and you want the features included to make it easy for you to do just that. 


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