Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10 Tips for Creating and Optimizing a WordPress Blog

In today’s world, when search engines don’t give a chance to websites which lack modern optimization strategies, it is a peak time to make all your WordPress blogs faster and optimized. There are multiple strategies to optimize your WordPress blog, and by the end of this article, you will fully know 10 tips for creating and optimizing a WordPress blog.

Let’s walk you through these strategies.

Choose The Best Web Host

Right hosting can be a lifesaver. If your server isn’t responding to commands quickly; you’re probably doomed. Thus, choose the best WordPress hosting that ensures the speed and proper returning of commands. You can evaluate your loading time by using a number of evaluation tools. After proper evaluation, use the server that you think will satisfy your responsiveness requirements.

Theme selection is important 

Theme designs are crucial because a poorly coded design will burden up your page and thus add loading time. Same can happen if the design includes too many pictures. Usually, the themes are megabytes in size, and that’s why your page loading time will increase too much.
You will always have to be careful about your WordPress theme, so choose the theme that goes up with all gadgets and loads faster. Design should also be user-friendly and responsive. You can only be sure about the proper functioning of the theme when you test it yourself first.

Choose your plugins wisely

Plugins are also crucial for the success of your WordPress blog, after creating your blog, you usually turn to plugins for getting the required help.

Before you install the plugins, you must make sure if you need those. Choose the plugins that you absolutely need otherwise it’ll just burden up the website. Some plugins add the load time to your site, so you need to monitor all your plugins closely and eradicate the ones which increase the load time. You will always have alternative plugins so don’t worry if you have to get rid of heavy but useful plugins.

Tip: If you are using plugins, consider using an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO which will improve your website ranking or at least lets you know how you are doing in terms of ranking.

SEO optimized content

Once you have established your WordPress blog, your next step is to soil it with SEO optimized content. Your blog should provide value to readers rather than material for search engines. But you have to feed the search engines too, so make sure that you use proper keywords so search engines can detect them.

Add Links to Your Posts

These links are important if you need to backup your statements, you can just link them up with high authority websites. You can also provide links to your own related posts but ensure that you are not doing it aimlessly anywhere you want. Everything you do for your website should eventually return some value to your readers.

Use proper heading tags

Heading tags can be a great help and they serve a great purpose, these tags include tags like<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc. The purpose of these tags is informing the search engine what each heading means in your content and the order they should be ranked in. You can at least use the H1 and H2 tags in all the blog posts, but at max, you can use up to six heading tags and keep reusing them wherever you want in your post. However, the order of the headings must not be disturbed. The H1 tag heading should also include a primary keyword to better optimize your blog (it would be good not to re-use the H1 tag).

Keep extra stuff out

You need to keep up your load timings and responsiveness which means that trash and drafts should not be kept if they are useless. Your WordPress blog should be light as air that means you only upload stuff that you are going to publish. If you already have stuff in your trash, get rid of it. Usually, WordPress empties your trash after 30 days by default, but you can reduce it to fewer days.

Optimize the blog pictures

Whatever you upload on your blog will eventually have its effects; good or bad. The pictures you add to your blog posts can be a great help regarding your post sharing on social media, and pictures sometimes have more value than words. The best way to ensure that these images and media don’t affect your blog speed and performance is to optimize them for the web.
You can use Photoshop to optimize images for your blog, or you can take help of WordPress plugins for picture optimization.


Yes, the heading didn’t say much because you have to read this one. If you add irrelevant and too many ads on your blog, your website performance will decrease, and your rankings will eventually suffer. Ads can be the added load on your blog which you want to avoid. Ads are a great way to monetize your website, but please make sure that whatever ads you put up on your blog are using optimized text and images.

Use browser caching

It can be a great help in adding performance to your website. You can use browser caching and add WordPress caching plugin because caching can help with the load time and can be a huge benefit in your interest. Caching saves the browser data locally and thus speeding up the load time.


Your WordPress blog can help you earn a great deal of money only if you optimize it rightly as the competition is getting higher. Search engines now only assist those who are using white hat techniques and investing their time appropriately in the respective websites. If you follow the above strategies, it is ensured that your WordPress blog will be properly optimized and highly ranked. You just have to be careful right from the start and use each of the strategies wisely.


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