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10 Tips for Bloggers to Get more Followers on Instagram

10 Tips for Bloggers to Get more Followers on Instagram

Bloggers have a vast audience usually, but the bloggers who are now turning towards social media have even more than ever audience boost and reads on their blogs. While Facebook was the only noticeable social media channel for bloggers, there has been a great potential spotted on Instagram as well.

Instagram has recently become Apple of the eye by its fantastic audience and despite being the real media platform; Instagram has gained a lot of attention and audience for bloggers. Instagram has enormous audience and statistics are the proof of it as Instagram has 500 million daily active users. The number of daily posts exceeds 95 million, and these numbers are multiplying as more and more people are joining Instagram.

With these statistics and audience, Bloggers can surely market themselves and grow their community through Instagram and get more Instagram likes and follows. Here are some such tips for the Bloggers.

1. Collaborate

This is essential marketing tip for Bloggers especially when they are in the starting phase of growing community. The best practice is to find the already established platforms for bloggers and offer them to do something together. If they mention you anywhere on their platforms, your Instagram following will boost in minutes and hours.

2. Post consistently 

The accounts which don’t post almost daily start to fade away, the most important way to succeed with Instagram is to post daily. Never stop posting, and your post consistency should be minimum one post in a day. This keeps you alive in the newsfeed and people’s minds.

3. Launch campaigns

The incentive for these campaigns can be as small as a pen or a printed mug or t-shirt. People engage for free stuff, and you get a vast number of audience and respective followers on your Instagram account.

4. Put your blog in Bio 

This is a fundamental rule, but some dear bloggers still forget to put their link in the respective bios. Think this reminder will do!

Still, if you post any picture related to your new blog don’t forget to remind your followers to get your link from the Instagram bio.

5. Engage with audience 

It is not important to reach to general public yourself but engaging with the existing followers is highly essential for your Instagram following. Whatever comments you are receiving answer them. When you grow up a more concerning audience, it gets harder to engage with every comment but still chooses the most appropriate ones and answer them accurately. This urges other users to comment on your posts, hoping for a reply.

6. Put your face in photos 

It is highly valuable that people know you as a person rather than just being a business account, try to put yourself out there. Whatever comments you receive will only grow your audience because there is no bad publicity when it comes to social media. Everything just makes you even stronger. Once in a while post a picture of you writing your new blog and tell users when it’ll be live. If you are out researching for some blog, put pictures of your experience and tell your audience to stay hooked. It increases excitement and credibility. 

7. Captions are your chance 

Captions have a significant role in boosting your Instagram audience and even engaging the one you already have. You can ask a question in your caption or just say something slaying which will keep you in the game for so long. Try to be your best when putting on captions. They say a lot about you. 

8. Not everything is Instagram worthy 

Keep your account clean because you don't want to lose your authenticity and taste just because of one wrong picture. It is very important to keep your Instagram account as attractive as possible.

9. Get others to share your content 

That can only happen when you share their content. Mutual sharing will be best for your Instagram boosting.

10. Repeat things that do well 

Not too much but some wouldn't hurt, and you might reach the ones you couldn't last time.


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