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4 Effective Website Design Principles Learned from Amazon

Nearly 50 percent of today's online sales take place on Amazon, approximately one-third of American adults are Prime members, and at least 95 percent of existing Prime members say that they will definitely or probably renew their membership once it's up. If those numbers aren't indicative of a successful website, what is?

Despite the very fact that Amazon is solely an online marketplace, web design experts are hesitant to attribute the retail giant's success to its web design. Even the average observer will tell you that Amazon's design is far from aesthetically appealing, and the busy layout goes against what every web developer strives for in a site, which is simplicity

4 Effective Website Design Principles Learned from Amazon

So if Amazon's site is not simple, as web design experts say it should be, how, or WHY, is it so successful? Those same experts suggest it's because the site makes use of four key elements that are at the heart of any great shopping experience: transparency, helpfulness, tangibility, and trustworthiness. These are the key elements that you need to incorporate into your small business website design.


Whether you're buying in a shop or buying online, what is the first thing you look for? The price tag. If something is out of your budget, you're not going to buy it no matter how badly you want it. Amazon ensures that the prices of items are not only clear but that there is a result that fits within just about any budget. If you're torn between the same item from different sellers and at different prices, you can check out the reviews of both the item and the seller to help you make that crucial final decision.

As a side note, most website designers will tell you that Amazon's dynamic pricing model is not a great one. Amazon is oddly successful with it. This may be because of their Prime option. Prime eliminates two of the biggest headaches of shopping online: hidden shipping and "handling" fees and wait time. With Prime, you can get your package within two days for free. Amazon's one-click shopping button has the same effect of impulse purchases at the checkout line—you may not need an item, but because it's there, you'll grab one anyone.


Amazon provides that helpful shopping experience everyone desires without the annoying sales associate. One of the most beneficial features of Amazon is that it anticipates what you want before you even know you want it. ("You recently purchased "Website Design for Dummies." Other people who bought this item also purchased "The Website Designer's Idea Book, Volume 4.")
Amazon's site also includes a search bar in which you can input the item name, an item descriptor or item specifications. For instance, if you're looking for a graduation gift for a college grad, you can type that in and then click "for Girls" or "for Boys" to pull up thousands of items to suit your needs.


One of the greatest things about Amazon is that its products are tangible. Amazon makes it easy for sellers to help consumers understand the benefits or attributes of their products and therefore, to make the whole online shopping process easier. By the time a customer has read product reviews and specifications, he or she feels like the product is already in his or her possession.


Almost all items on Amazon have real customer reviews with one to five-star ratings to go along with them. The company also allows customers to leave seller reviews. As if that's not enough to win over consumers' confidence, Amazon offers a "Fulfilled by Amazon" feature. One of the biggest pitfalls of shopping online is that you never know what you're going to get, or even if you'll get the item that you paid for. When you shop FBA, however, the item is already in Amazon's warehouse, ready to be shipped once you click "Order."

Amazon is successful despite every design element suggesting that it shouldn't be. This is likely due to those four key elements: transparency, availability, tangibility, and trustworthiness.


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