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20 Best Free Business Cards PSD Design of 2015

In your meetings with clients or any business professionals, your first impression should be very impressive. Your business card is something that helps you give a good impression about you and your company. With the help of your business card you may get good business.

In this article, we will discuess about 20 best free business cards PSD design of 2015, so that you can select one from them for your business’ first impression. We hope that you would like the designs and these templates will save your time.

1- Creative & Clean Folder and Business Card Template

Creative and Clean folder is a perfect business card for professionals and corporate related persons. Both front and back cover of this business is a combination of contemporary artwork and quality design. This card is FREE to use and can be used for almost any kind of purpose.

2- Creative Speech Bubble:

This PSD template offer suitable designs and color combinations to those businessmen who want to maintain a combination of creative and professional touch in their business card. This template provides easy editing of text and color.

3- Clean and Creative Multicolor Business Card:

This business card offers a really clean and simple designs and colors. For those business personals who prefer energetic and lively colors, this template is the best one. This is fully customizable template so the colors can easily be customized according to the preferences.

4- Creative Business Card Vol.2:

A fun and good looking modern creative business card template. Ideal for any creative out there that want to make his business card have this special edge.

5- Minimal Business Card Template:

This beautiful and simple business card offers a number of different colorful designs. The designs and colors in this template are present on both front and back sides of the cards. The elegant brown style in font side gives unique look that gives a space for company’s logo and name.

6- Creative Business Card Template: 

This PSD Business card based upon the 11 different colors schemes. This stylish and attractive card is suitable for any individual of any field. It is specially designed for graphics and web designers and graphic artists.

7- Amethyst Business Card Template: 

This free PSD business card gives a fresh look to anyone who gives a glance to it. This is built on a decorative even girlish style. It is suitable for anyone who is connected with the creative field.

8- Creative Colorful Business Card Template from Jumbo Design: 

This creative template offers attractive and useful resources to the designers. This business card comes up with 2 business cards templates but also gives 2 flyer templates that are completely customizable and edited easily. 

9- Flat Design Business Card Template with Long Shadow: 

This is a beautiful business cards template that is loaded with amazing and attractive color schemes with creative designs. The card can be used for multi-purposes. You can use it for your business or personal use. It has a simple and clean layout that can be customized matching with your personality. 

10-Creative Business Card Vol.3: 

This beautiful business card is enriched with modern and fresh look that makes you able to present and promote your services to your clients through a card. You can select the colors that suit your personality as well as your business. 

11- Letterpress Business Cards MockUp: 

This Letterpress business card offers you a unique design to show your personality and business before your clients. This comes up with an attractive and demonstrative feel of letterpress printing. You can use layers to design your card and side colors to present your business.

12- Orange & Black Business Card Template:

This business card theme is fully loaded with a variety of black and orange color themes. You can download this template freely and use it for your personal and business purposes.

13- Free Colorful Business Card Template:

This is another eye-catching template that you can find on WebVilla. This beautiful theme you can use for your personal and business purposes.

14- Creative Zigzag Business Card Template:

This is a beautiful and simply fine design that brings zigzag pattern for your creative business. The design and theme of this card is highlighted with the creative use of white and black color with a touch of yellowish shade.

15-Classy and Elegant Vertical Business Card Template:

This design comes up with elegant and smart features with a great combination of black and red color. Its bubbly and eye-catching designs are fully customizable that can suit your personality as well as your business.

16- Professional QR Code Business Card Template:

This template comes with a unique vertical design. It is a great creative card that brings QR Code and it can be easily replaced through smart objects. This design can be used for any business since there is a professional touch in it.

17- Cool Blue Creative Business Card Template:

This is simple but a unique creative card. Its beautiful combination of colors makes it attractive. Those businessmen, who are in search for simple but creative designed card, should consider this.

18- Metro Style Business Card Template with QR Code:

This simple, but creative and stylish template is customizable. It brings simple colors and unique designs that is mostly preferred by business personals. It has vibrant colors that are more attractive.

19- Retro Business Card:

This Retro Business Card can help you compete in the business world, by highlighting you and your business in a unique way. Its traced lines and a unique typography makes it different from other.

20- Facebook Business Card:

If your work is related to social websites and you like doing social networking, you may choose this Business Card.

21- Corporate Business Card Vol.1:

You can make your presence felt with the help of this card. Its colorful combination and styles have no match. Its color codes can be changed according to your company’s requirements.


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