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Top 20 Free PSD Files for Graphics Designers of 2015

Networking, social media and IT fields have improved a lot in today’s era. People related to this field are in search of new technological advancement in their everyday lives. Graphic designers are also in search of latest PSD graphic files for their use. In thisarticle, Top 20 Free PSD Files for Graphics designers of 2015

Top 20 Free PSD Files for Graphics Designers of 2015

1- Satellite Antenna Icon:

Satellite Antenna Icon

The satellite antenna icon file is built to be used as a symbol of wireless communication. Only two colors, blue and white have been used in this PSD file.

2- Flying Bats and Moon Icon:

Flying Bats and Moon Icon

This PSD file format icon symbolizes the Halloween night. In this cool icon three flying bats have been shown that are flying across moon.

3- Red Apple Fruit Icon:

 Red Apple Fruit Icon

This PSD format file highlights a red apple with a soft shadow. The healthy food symbol is shown alone with a white background with the resolution of 1280x960px in JPEG format.

4- Data Analytics, Stats Icon:

Data Analytics, Stats Icon

A modern computer LCD and a smart-phone has been shown in this icon with a bar and pie chart. This icon symbolizes data analyzing and statistics.

5-Weather Icons Set:

Weather Icons Set

This is a collection of 16 smart icons that are layered in PSD format and PNG formats are also available. Clouds, sun, rain, snowflakes and other weather symbols have been used in this icon.

6- Cup of Coffee and Paper:

Cup of Coffee and Paper

The icon shows an envelope, a paper, a cup of coffee and a pencil. This icon is available in PSD format.

7- Taxi Driver Icon:

Taxi Driver Icon

As the name suggests, this icon is used as a symbol for taxi services. In this flat design, a man with yellow suit and yellow taxi hat has been shown.

8- Round Flat Design Buttons:

Round Flat Design Buttons

This icon is created on a modern flat design. It conatains blue color buttons with different shapes and symbols, such as sound, arrow, jigsaw, cross and other.

9- Text Document Icon:

Text Document Icon

For typing software and other text related documents, this icon can be used. The icon simply contains a white paper and a letter T with big font size. The icon is decorated with blue shades.

10- Travel Suitcase Icon:

Travel Suitcase Icon

The icon is used for the web applications and as folders. The suitcase is brown in color and has stickers with it.

11- Dart on Target Icon: 

Dart on Target Icon

This PSD icon can be used as a web and app icon. This icon symbolizes the concept of business success. A successful achievement of target has been mentioned in this icon.

12- Round Transparent Button:

Round Transparent Button

Use this icon for any web and app purpose. This is a simple icon with a good color combination of blue and white. The background color can be changed easily.

13- Money in Envelop:

Money in Envelop

This icon is a symbol of finance, business, cash and different transactions.

14- Yellow Star Icon:

Yellow Star Icon

This icon shows three stars with a certain gaps between them, in yellowish color with small differences in colors’ variations.

15- Web Design Preview:

Web Design Preview

This icon is used for web related works. The icon demonstrates a computer screen which shows a simple layout of website.

16- No Photography Sign:

No Photography Sign

This is a sign of no photography, with a simple camera that is purple in color and a gray sign of not allowed.

17- Secure Cloud Storage Icon:

Secure Cloud Storage Icon

This is a web related icon that shows secure cloud of web links. This icon contains cloud with green color and a silver key in the middle of cloud.

18- Vector Pen Icon:

Vector Pen Icon

This icon gives a creativity concept of designers. The design shows a vector pen that is doing some graphics.

19- Star Shape flat Icon:

Star Shape flat Icon

This is a blue flat rectangle design with an embossed silver star and its shadow. This is a modern icon.

20- Blank Letter template:

Blank Letter template

This icon is showing an envelope that is used for mails. A yellow textured paper with red and blue colored frame.


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