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How Blogging can Benefit your Business & Improve Sales

How Blogging can Benefit your Business & Improve Sales

Blogging as a survival strategy for a business – Top benefits of blogging for your business
Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most valuable tools which businesses can utilize in order to engage themselves with their customers and make life simpler. If you’re still not blogging in this high-tech world, it’s high time you get started or you remain left behind. Blogging is hard but blogging as a business is even harder. In fact, around 8 years back, there were estimates that 95% of all blogs are nothing but failures and victims of negligence by their creators.

Why is it so? 

That’s because every day, every week and for every post, if you have a business blog, you will require:
  • Buying-in from your team
  • Having brand new ideas for articles 
  • Having a calendar for content so as to maintain consistency
  • Optimization to make sure you receive ROI
  • Good and timeless content
Such needs can indeed be intimidating, especially in the world of blogging and WordPress. Therefore, in order to help you survive, here are some necessary reasons why every business should start blogging. What are the main benefits of blogging? Read on the rest of the article.

Why should businesses use blogging as a marketing tactic?

Let’s move on directly to know why businesses should use blogging as a marketing tactic. Check out the benefits of blogging.

1. Blogs drive traffic to your website: 
Who doesn’t want more visitors to their website? Just ponder over the ways in which people might try to find your website. They could either type your website address or you could pay for traffic by purchasing an email list or for placing tons of paid ads (which is illegal). If you have a blog, all these problems of gaining visibility will be solved. Every time you write a new blog post, it will have another indexed page on your site which is equivalent to one more chance to show up in the search engine results. Blogs can be spread even through social media.

2. Blogs help convert traffic into leads: 
Now that blogs are bringing in traffic to your website, you have an added responsibility of giving in the effort of converting the traffic into leads. Just as every blog post is yet another indexed page, each blog post is also a new chance to generate new leads. You just require adding a lead-generating call-to-action (CTA) to each and every post. Often such call-to-actions might lead to free whitepapers, free fact sheets, free webinars, free trials and many such things which could hold enough information and could attract people.

3. Blogs establish authority: 
Some of the best business blogs provide answers to some of the most common questions of their customers and leads. If you’re clever enough to consistently create content which is extremely useful for your customer, it will help you in building authority in their eyes. Can you imagine the effect on the customer if you wrote an educational post on something to clear the doubt of your confused customer? This kind of concern for your customers could increase the number of leads and also help build authority for your website or business.

4. Blogs drive long term results: 
Suppose you invest one hour and write a post and publish it on some day. If you get 100 views and 10 leads through that blog post in a single day, you can expect to get another 50 views and 5 leads the next day as some more people will see it on the social media and some subscribers get caught on RSS and email. But soon after a few days, most of the fan following of the post dies away and you will come down to a net of 150 views and 15 leads.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons to blogging, there can be some other reasons behind businesses wanting to blog but if compared to the above ones, they would be stray and much smaller. Businesses can inform customers about product releases or information on some events through their blog posts. It is even easier to focus on getting attention for company initiatives if you’ve built up audience. Hence, in a nutshell, blogging should be an inseparable part of your business.


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