Sunday, August 21, 2016

Giveaway: Win 300$ Hosting + Domain + Site Builder from and More

We're back with another Giveaway and this time its a Big one. We have seen a lot of people wants to start their own site with a custom domain but they have less or no knowledge about designing a unique site. Therefore Today, we will give you a chance to win 1 Premium Hosting Account + Domain + Site Builder worth $300 all together. Also Runner ups will get a Free Domain + Premium Templateism Templates.

Prize Distribution of Giveaway:

1st Prize: 1 Year Premium Hosting + Domain + Site Builder From Worth $300
2nd Prize: 3 Premium Templates from Templateism Worth $100
3rd Prize: 1 Year Domain + 1 Premium Template from Templateism Worth $50

How to Participate?

To participate, we have extremely simple criteria. All you need to do:

Winning Criteria:

We will Randomly use winners using, people with more entries will have more chances of winning this competition

Last Date of Submission: 30th August 2016

We hope this opportunity would help everyone to get some quick cash, get a hosting plus domain for their new blog or get premium templates from templates. So what are you waiting for? Join the giveaway today. 

Best of luck to everyone.


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