Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Run a Blog While Keeping Your Day Job

This is 21st century where technology gave a whole new touch to almost everything. The way in which things used to be done is changed now. Long ago people used to ride on bicycle to lose weight, now people travel in the luxury cars to the Gym to have a ride on bicycle. How amazing. Same is the case with writing. Long ago people used to write on paper and then they needed to wait for the long publishing process. But now the trends have been changed. If you are good writer and you have some innovative ideas then don’t write for free. You must have listen one proverb “If you are good at something, don’t do it for free”.

Instead of waiting for long publication process, now you can write online and make money. Start your blog now, write your ideas, product reviews, suggestions, or anything that is worth reading for and earn some $$$. But wait! Are you worried about managing a blog while keeping a 9-5 job?? You want to start a blog but you are busy enough to look after it?? Don’t worry about this, keep your blog running and flow some simple tips given below to make it work even after a long hectic day. Let’s have a look on them


Long Term Strategy Plan: 

Not only blogging, no matter which business you are going to start, you need to put very wise thoughts in a long term strategy plan. If you are planning to take your blog as your future career then long term strategy is what you need. If you are newbie blogger and you don’t care about strategy then there is bad news for you. Long term strategy plan includes content planning like what you are going to write about, what are the topics, keywords that can grab audience’s attention at once. Who are going to be your target audience? How are you going to boost your content and to attract maximum number of readers? What is going to be your promotion strategy? And strategy that involves social media boosts and etc.

I have seen that many newbies quit in the beginning because of work load and lack of creativity. More than that, they quit because they failed to manage time. They lack a proper strategy plan. If you are serious about blogging and you want to adopt it as your career then sit now, properly draw a mind map and pen down strategy. Once you are done with this planning then move to next step.

Define Your Target Audience: 

In the initial stages of blogging it is very important to decide who are going to be your target audience. Narrow down your area of interest and figure out what are the topics about which you can write the best. I have seen newbie bloggers who start blogging without figuring out their target audience or blog Niche. It is going to be extremely difficult to pick out the blog niche if you are writing on the random topics every day. They will not only make you confused and depressed at some stage but it can also lead you to the failure of your blog. Decide either your blog is going to about technology, fashion, shopping, food, cooking, accessories, movies reviews, book reviews or what? God there is so much to write about. One more tip here, when you are starting start with small area of interest. Consider that it is your training to run a huge blog later on.

Let me tell you one exercise, It might help you to niche down your blog audience. Think of one thing, you are inspired of and then pen down 20 interesting topic regarding to it. Now decide which the most interesting topic is, you can write about.

Guest Posting: 

Guest posting on some other blog or accepting the guest post is one way of sharing content and audience both. This collaboration might help you to attract number of people towards your blog. Along with this it might help you in generating new content at times when you are so busy to look for something new for your blog.

Here I need to mention one more thing; all the guest posts are not worth sharing. You need to maintain some standards for your blog. Only publish the content that matches the standard of your blog and can satisfy your audience. Reputation is something very important, never compromise on reputation of your blog. Authenticity is what people look for on internet, The more authentic and to the point your content is the more people will be attracted to read your content. Share the quality content and make your audience to build trust on you.

Set Aside Time Each Week To Write: 

It is best to set aside time for weekly writing. If you are too busy and can’t spare time to write every day, then this tip is going to work for you. After concerning some successful bloggers I have come across to know that writing for 7-10 hours in a week is enough to make your blog run successfully. You can work both ways either spend 1 hour a day after work or pile up all the work for weekend, depends on your convenience. One more way is to schedule your posts. You can write several articles on weekend and then schedule it on every day of the week. It will be helpful as you do not need to write everyday but viewer will be able to see content everyday on your blog.


Writing is no less than a fun for some people. Never compromise on something that makes you happy because of your hectic Job routine. The above tips might help you in making your blog successful even with your hectic job routine. It requires one most important thing and it is named as “Dedication”. If you are passionate about anything you will find ways to do it.


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