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Three Features That Make Sitejet Different Than Other Web Design Platforms

Three Features That Make Sitejet Different Than Other Web Design Platforms

Sitejet is a web design tool that was created by web designers for web designers. The team had already used the platform to build over 4,000 websites before they ever made it available for use, meaning that it is more than capable. But, as you’ll soon see, the team or the tool's track record isn’t what makes it more advanced than other web design tools. It’s the features that it offers its users.

Project Management Capabilities

The most significant difference between Sitejet and all the other web design platforms available is that Sitejet lets you run your projects like a professional. Even though it was created for web design, it can let you do more than just write and edit code. The tool comes with several project managing functionalities that put it in a class of its own.

From your Sitejet dashboard, you can begin, run, and end a project very easily. Creating a new website is as easy as clicking a button. From the dashboard, you can also assign a project status to the website you’re working on. This is a tag that lets you keep track of how far you’ve gone with the project. It also lets you tell your various projects apart since you’ll be managing them all, right from your dashboard.

Sitejet has other project managing features like a programmable to-do list and time tracking. You can create to-do lists that are specific to each website, and that way, write notes for yourself and act on then whenever you’re ready. Beyond writing notes, you can also attach deadlines to your to-do lists so you stay on top of your game and deliver your projects on time.

The time tracking feature lets you know how much time you’ve spent on different stages of the project. Not only can this work hand in hand with the to-do list, but you can also monitor your overall efficiency and see where you need to improve. Sitejet basically ensures that you become a more efficient web designer.

Client Involvement

If you take away the actual website design, the next most important part of the job is interfacing with clients. After finding out what the client wants, you still have to keep them in the loop, every step of the way. The more feedback you get from your clients, the better and faster you can deliver the job. And that’s exactly why Sitejet communication platform trumps anything else available for web designers.

With Sitejet, your clients get their own dashboard, from where they can preview the website as they need to and give you feedback. The dashboard is particularly useful because it only gives them minimal access to the website so they can explore without ‘breaking’ things. They can also access emails, form submissions, and generally anything that you need to for feedback.

Your clients can also leave you feedback that’s specific to the elements in question. Instead of sending you screenshots and messages, trying to explain their concern, they can leave a comment on the specific element. This will make effecting corrections much easier for you, and communicating their concerns much easier for them. Sitejet doesn’t just make your job easier; it also makes being a client much less stressful.

Advanced Web Design Features

Now, let’s go over some of the features of Sitejet that you can find on other web design platforms. However, what sets this particular tool apart is the amount of control it gives you, relative to the other options available. Starting with how you set up your website, you can pick one of several template types. They range from generic businesses to specific themes like restaurants and tattoo studios.

You can edit the HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript code of each of these templates, shaping them into whatever you want. The code editor is a keyboard shortcut or drop-down menu click away. Besides editing the code of templates, you can also build and arrange elements in the site as easy as clicking, dragging and dropping.

The Bottom Line

Sitejet has several features that make it one of the most unique web design platforms around. It does not only make the web design side easier, but helps you with project management and communicating with the client too. Surely, a lot of people will be happy to hear that the Sitejet developers have plans to add blogging functionality to its long list of Sitejet features.


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