Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introducing Templateism.com Official Blog

I am excited to announce a new area of Templateism we’ve been quietly working on the last few couple of weeks: Templateism Blog. This new service would bring inside gossips, news and stories about our developers. On second thoughts, we would also use this service to engage with our quality readers and followers.

Basically, this platform would act as a device which connections you with the highly professional developers. For example:  In the past to make noticeable announcements, we always used our Facebook Page as a barrier. However, from now on all the announcements, feature updates and news would be shared on this Official Templateism blog.


What is a Blog?

A blog is a place where there are no barriers. You can talk, write and share anything on your own. No one in this would bother you, so the blog is more like a personal flip book that tells you old stories. How you were born, how you grew up and etc.

Keeping that theory in mind, we will share all the inside stories of Templateism no matter whether they are old-school or futuristic. You can label it as a strategic move but ultimately it is a positive step towards increasing the user-engagement, what do you think?

 It is quite obvious that a blog cannot complete until readers are not allowed to share their opinions and criticisms, so feel free and give all the suggestions that you may have about Templateism.com.


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