Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top 6 Email Marketing Tools Compared and Reviewed.

Why some marketers manage to score over couple thousands dollar a month, while some fail at exactly 0.00$ might be a mystery for a lot of people who don't understand how exactly this "make money online" thing works.

No, it's not a scam, not some kind of magic either. It's all plain science, like real technical and psychological science. While some might succeed in momentarily putting up a facebook ad and redirecting traffic to their landing page and make some quick bucks, but that's not how you establish yourself in the field, it's a good "churn and burn" strategy, but you can't bet your life on it.

In order to always retarget your customers, you need a way to connect to them, and in order to connect to them you need a convincing enough strategy for them to give you their contact info, right?

Well, that's where Email Marketing tools come in. And in this article I'll just make choosing one, easier for you.

Let's start with the tool I trust, and a reason for me doing so.

1. GetResponse:

Putting it plain and simple, GetResponse has one awesome, exclusive feature that no other tool has the capability to provide me, and that's the prime reason why I'm with Getresponse.

And it's the Landing Pages. It provides me with 100+ easy landing page templates I can work with, without the need to get my hands dirty with codes, and that's exactly what I need.

  Not just product landing pages, but it has the unique capability of letting me host webinars, yes webinars directly from inside of my GetResponse account itself !

Now, other tools just "don't" have this feature, no matter what and therefore creating a landing page costs 25-30$ extra, per month. But with Getresponse, I'm getting it literally free with the email tool.

Additionally, I ofcourse get 500+ Email templates to work with. So literally, there can't be a need of mine, for which I won't find the appropriate Email template.

 And, along side that it allows me to A/B test as many as 5 variations ! Now that, is a serious conversion booster. It helps me know what's working and what's not, while this feature is either not present with other tools, or is very limited.

If that's not enough, well then GetResponse got me one of the most advanced autoresponders on the planet. Allowing me to trigger special Event and time based responses, well that's again something not every tool in the market has.

And the icing on the cake is it's pricing, I've got to pay only $15 for as many as 1000 email subscribers. Now that's a pretty affordable dollar amount for all of this action packed tool.

Well, you might consider this a biased review if I don't mention the specialties and features of other tools, so let's get down to them.

2. Aweber

Aweber is one of the most perfect tools in the market when it comes down to Email marketing. Infact, I'd have said it's the only competitor of GetResponse that's actually capable of competing neck to neck with GetResponse, if it was not for couple edges which GetResponse holds over aweber.

First, let's talk about what Aweber does have!

Okay so it does have an awesome Autoresponder I must say. Infact, that's the only reason I'm considering Awber a competition to GetResponse.

Apart from that, it lets you build super cool sign up forms, which also are responsive in nature. So that's pretty good I'd say.

And well, it lets you create automatic Emails from your blog's newest post's RSS feeds. This again is a feature which Getresponse has too, and thus these two can be considered a competition.

Aweber boasts Drag&Drop template editor with over 700 Email templates, but if you ask me I'd say that's more than needed. It adds to your confusion and is a time consumer on my part, it's better to have 100 totally different, unique templates, rather than to have 700 templates which are almost similar.

It has good tracking tools in place, but then again not as Good as Getresponse.

That was about what aweber does have, what about things it doesn't?

It doesn't let me work with Landing pages! (ah duh! )

It doesn't let me host webinars ! Well, now that's a lot of extra dollar going out, if I've to pay for them separately to some third-party tool. So probably now you see my reasons for being in love with GetResponse right?

Overall? Aweber is an awesome tool, yes really it's great when you need only and only an Email Marketing solution!

3. ConstantContact:

Contant contact has "Conatct management" to boast for.

I'd say, when it comes to Contacts management, it really is a tool which can directly compete with GetResponse, or Aweber. But, just "managing contacts" is not Email marketing, is it?

Apart from a great Contacts management system, it has the unique flavor of letting you add Survey forms to your marketing strategy ! Meaning, you can email a survey form to your subscribers asking about certain things.

Or, you can create a donation template and ask them to donate. Well, that's good as far as constant contact is concerned.

The primary aspect where ConstantContact really is a good option for you is when you need a variety of "not so common" pages. Because, apart from surveys and donation templates, it also let's you host Event registration templates!

So more or less, it has a good "templates" gallery.

Ofcourse it's obvious, without mentioning that you'll be getting a WYSIWYG, Drag&Drop template builder. An autoresponder, and a tracking dashboard with it. These are the common features to almost all the tools in this list.

But again, what it doesn't have is, the landing pages, the webinar thing and an affordable pricing. If it's offering you something "less" than tools like GetResponse, I believe you'd expect a cheaper price. But, in the case of constant contact, that's not exactly true.

Infact, it's extremely expensive as far as IM tools are concerned. It charges you $20.month for a list as small as 500! And double that amount for 1000 subscribers. That just won't do for me, but overall it's a great tool, you can feel free to go with it if you've a lot of experimental cash on our hands.

4. Campaigner:

Campaigner is yet another contender to this game, and quite worthy.

Let's start with my favorite feature, that's the A/B tests. Yes, it does let me conduct A/B split tests on my campaigns!

Apart from that, it has a beautiful gallery of 800 Email templates  ! ( Beautiful, but extremely confusing ! I mean seriously, who can browse through 800's of them to find their perfect choice? )
Oh, ofcourse their templates are mobile responsive!

You do get a Drag&Drop Editor and live preview of the template while editing it.
It does have an autoresponder too, but again this is not an autoresponder that can compete with GetResponse. It just can't.

It has a good list management tool, and allows you Email segmentation ! You can select certain activities and behaviors, and then target those specific people for better results. This is the only reason I'm considering campaigner in this list.

It can be easily integrated with a lot of third-party tools, but its "social media" integration isn't the best in the industry. It does it's job, but there are better alternatives.

After all of this, if we come down to the pricing, I'd say campaigner really got itself confused right here. It's not offering you something you don't get with other tools, but still it's $19.95 for 1000 email subs.

Now, it's your choice to make the decision.

5. MailiGen:

MailiGen offers you Split Tests, Rss to Email, autoresponders and all of the other common features you expect with any other Marketing tool.

Ofcourse we can't leave out it's Drag&Drop template builder and Live tracking of your campaigns performances.

Additionally, it also let's you integrate it with enough third-party tools, including Social media. And with the ability to conduct surveys from Emails, it just nails it all.

But then again, when we come down to the Email templates provided to us, I'd say it might use some work over it. The templates are good, but if you've seen the templates from GetResponse or Aweber, you might exactly be satisfied with the templates from Mailigen.

But well, it charges you $10 for 500 subscribers ! If you make it a 1000 of them, you'd see it's $20/month. Now, did you see anything with MailiGen that seemed like it should ask for that extra $5 for its services? I definitely didn't.

If you take "Email marketing" into consideration, it's a good tool, and if $5 extra per month = $60 extra per year don't matter a lot to you, feel free to go with it. Afterall, it does have some cool enough features.

6. PinPointe:

PinPointe is a tool I'd say could've totally beaten GetResponse, but then again just like in the case of Aweber, the lack of certain features, and its high pricing pulls it back from doing so.

With PinPointe, I can guarantee you best in the industry tracking and reporting tools ! Yes, it did work hard on them. You get a deep insight of how your campaign worked around your visitors.
You can also Integrate it with third-party tools, including Google analytics for even a deeper insight into it.

You do get a list of pre-designed email templates,  so that reduces a lot of your "creative time"  efforts. You can just choose one and get to work.

It no doubt has the Drag&Drop editor for you and a live preview of the templates you're editing. So that shouldn't be a problem.

Leaving a "Comparison" out of this, if you consider just pinpointe for your marketing thing, I'd say it's totally worth it.

In short, it has all the features GetResponse or any other tool has, minus the Landing page, and webinar integration from Getresponse.

If you look down at its pricing, you'd see it's plans are somewhat of a "bulk" kind. You get 5000 Subscribers for $49.  So, if you don't have a massive email list, or don't send a lot of E-mails, then this probably isn't the best option for you.

7. Lumen5

Nowadays, people are more interested in videos than just emails. They want things to be more interactive, and reading the same annoying text-based emails can sometimes get a little boring. That is why video-based emails are the future. However, creating, high-quality videos can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars but not anymore.

Lumen5 is a versatile video development platform that is designed to produce engaging content on your social media platforms.

The interface is seamless and super userfriendly, which means creating engaging short videos were never so easy before. With Lumen5's cutting-edge artificial intelligence, you can convert your text into videos with just a few clicks.

It also offers access to a vast media library that consists of millions of copyright-free resources such as videos, photos, and audio tracks.

Best of all, Lumen5 is designed especially for business executives and marketers, which means it does not require any technical knowledge. If you know how to drag and drop, you can easily create sweet videos.

Final Verdict:

If you ask me, just like I said at the beginning of this article, GetResponse has "everything" that those others tools got, at a much cheaper price.

Plus not just "everything", it has "more than all of the above tools got if you take into consideration the Landing pages and webinar thing. And comparing them with its pricing, I'd say it's one of the most reasonable tools in the industry.

While other tools charge me almost double that amount, for "reduced" features, I'm getting more then I'm paying for with Getresponse. So unless you've a very rich family background, I'd say try the free 30 days trial from GetResponse, you wouldn't get a reason to leave it after that.


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